ZFXT flotation deinking machine


ZXFX flotation deinking machine is used to remove hydrophobic impurities in waste paper pulp, such as ink particles, stickies, plastics, fillers and so on.

The equipment has a significant improvement of whiteness before and after flotation: 4-9ISO, low fiber loss (< 0.5%), power consumption of traditional flotation 1/2 or 1/3. The size range of ink particles removal is about 5-550 microns. The built-in aeration element is conducive to the closure of the process gas circuit. The combination of the tanks is reasonable, the liquid level control is simple, the operation is reliable, and the output range is large.

The two-stage flotation system (one stage plus two stages) ensures maximum removal of impurities such as ink while minimizing fiber loss. The two stage flotation system (front and back ends) is stacked up and occupies a small area.