ZGXT series high efficiency non pressure flotation deinking machine


Equipment features:

The equipment has the advantages of high flotation efficiency, high concentration of dross and small fiber loss. Ink discharge concentration can be adjusted, so it can greatly reduce the loss of fiber in the scum; simple maintenance operation, low power consumption, low operating costs, is the current vertical closed and horizontal distributary (oil tank) flotation tank 1/10, is the most advanced deinking equipment at home and abroad; Internal circulation, high utilization rate of air in the slurry, adjustable air to slurry ratio; high flotation quality, low energy consumption, through a special structure of separation structure, slurry through multi-stage flotation, to avoid the mixing of different slurry; equipment normal operation without water cleaning, special set of non-blocking aeration The system avoids backflow of slurry. You can drive and stop in an instant.

Technical parameters:

Throughput(m3/h)50100  150200250 300350400
Power supplykw  35.57.5111518.52230