Attention should be paid to the following points when using the cone-shaped slag remover.


There are many factors that affect the purification effect of the cone slag remover.

(1) slag remover structure

Different types of slag remover have different structural characteristics, so the purification effect is different, such as conical length, top diameter and slurry inlet and outlet diameter, etc. will affect the purification effect. Therefore, all kinds of factors should be taken into consideration to select suitable type of purification equipment.

(2) pulp concentration

When the pressure difference is constant, the purification efficiency decreases with the increase of pulp concentration. In addition, the pulp concentration increased and the slag concentration increased, and the fiber loss increased. However, when the pulp concentration is too low, the production capacity of the equipment decreases and the power consumption increases. The average pulp concentration is about 0.5%.

(3) pressure difference

Pressure difference refers to the difference between the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure, which is the driving force of vortex motion, and therefore is one of the main factors affecting the purification efficiency of conical slag remover. When other conditions remain unchanged, the pressure difference increases and the centrifugal force increases, thus improving the purification efficiency, but too large pressure difference also increases the power consumption.

(4) throughput

Each type of cone-shaped slag remover has its rated production capacity. The number of slag remover in each purification system is determined according to its capability. General requirements can be operated under full load. The small throughput indicates that the number of equipment is too many and the power consumption is too large; if the throughput is too large, the slag removal efficiency will be reduced and the fiber loss will be increased.

(5) slag discharge port

A certain type of conical slag remover has certain prescribed values for its slag discharge and cone angle. The slag discharge port is too small, the slag removal efficiency is low, and it is easy to plug. The purification efficiency can be improved to a certain extent with the increase of the slag discharge port, but the excessive slag discharge port will cause a large amount of slag discharge and fiber loss. The slag discharge port of the slag remover is easy to wear and wear during the use process, so we should pay attention to changing the slag discharge nozzle in time.